The first in our line of non-tailed units. Identical technology of the larger units is packed into this ultra efficient power house! 
Incredible rated power of 5,000W! Receive the advantages of the same technology and efficiency as the larger units, as well as the lowest cut-in wind speed in the industry of 4.4mph!
This is our most popular unit and has the ability to supply the average home with sufficient power to make your electric bill virtually disappear!
This dynamo will provide enough power for the average small farm or business, making you almost self-sufficient! Our 3.5-4.4 mph cut-in wind speed will help you enjoy an even greater return on your investment!
 The 50kW is our newest and largest system and boasts the same start up speeds of 3.5- 4.4 mph as the other units, powering your company and keeping you competitive!
Product Overview