Controller System
The "brains" of the ReDriven wind turbine system. One of the features and benefits of the online controller is the Maximum Wind Speed feature which monitors and reports15 fault conditions in real time to ensure proper function. By comparing real time and historical data, ReDriven can quickly assess when a turbine is in healthy operating range or distress. Detecting a discrepancy, the turbine sends an email to the dealer, a feature currently offered by no other small wind turbine.
Wind Timer
An extension of the Maximum Wind Speed feature is the Wind Timer. Wind speed is set by user and if the turbine turns out of the wind because maximum wind speed has been reached, the turbine will monitor for safety and turn back into the wind after if has found no other occurrences.
A feature protecting the turbine in very high wind conditions is the Maximum Rotations Per Minute setting. It regulates the power output and automatically controls the RPM at a specific level.
Wind View
A revolutionary online Customer Relationship Management system. This proprietary software system connects the customer in real time to their turbine, supplying them with key performance data such as wind speed, power production, wind direction and the ability to turn the turbine on and off from any internet connection in the world. When customers purchase a ReDriven wind turbine, they will see their own Personalized Power Curve and be able to review their power production in both real time and historically. All at no additional cost with free software upgrades as new features and functionality are added. The first level of access is the customer's view. The second level of access is at the dealer's level. The third level of access is at the manufacturer's level. This level allows ReDriven to remotely download software updates and settings, monitor and compare data and manage turbines located anywhere in the world to work with utilities.
Low Cut-In Wind Speeds
Boasting a cut-in wind speed of just 3.5- 4.4 mph, ReDriven is the lowest in the industry, allowing for quicker return on your investment!
Product Features